took a little time away from blog updates while I was in hyper focus mode working on some sculptures. Some of you may have seen if you subscribe to my Instagram or Vine feeds.


Here is a peek into the sort of stuff I’m talking about:

It’s all been part of a process that took a while to ruminate. The issue being that What I intended to do with Metaphysical Neuroma long term was divergent from what webcomics are typically getting to be known as which has matured into something that is highly focused on delivering PDF compatible daily/weekly strips and does not favour things that don’t fit inside that box.

So it’s taken a while to catch my bearings on exactly how to allow Metaphysical Neuroma to evolve and to make proper use of my Patreon  page to work together without diminishing the narrative I’ve been working towards but still being able to have a simple articulate message you can voice in, on or through the various social media channels.


Right now I won’t go too far into what it took to get here ( But I will post separately an insight piece for anyone wanting to attempt anything as off the beaten path as I have.)

Instead I am just letting you all know to stay tuned as I put together the next chapter of this story and start talking about the process involved in making a SUPERTOYNAMATIONCOMIC ( a Portmanteau I devised to explain the techniques and as a nod to Supermarionation )

Hope I’ve gotten you a little interested by now–But–as much of what I can do and how quickly I’ll be able to make it happen–relies heavily in getting more fans of my work involved in my Patreon Campaign. In advance I will apologies for the public spectacle of soap boxing and organ grinding I will need to do regarding the collection hat/tip jar that is crowd funding.

Alright alright enough words you guys probably all stopped reading after the first paragraph.

Thanks much for listening
-More soon

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