Hi all!

Expect more blog type updates to be in video form in the future. This will likely be one of my last done in this manner. but I’m recovering from being sick all week and my voice and face are not ready for human consumption >__<

Here is a quick look at some of the stuff I got cooking for you:

So I’m wrapping up the final stages of layout and title dressing etc. on a few booklets for my patreon peeps (the above image is a quick snap of one of them).  This includes the preview reader copy of Metaphysical Neuroma Volume 1

Next week I’m starting work on the prototype sculpt for Kaiju Kitty and gearing up for the related Kickstarter campaign (my first Kickstarter! A smaller campaign Intended as a trial run to help me prepare for the bigger campaign that will follow for printed Metaphysical Neuroma volume 1)

Also ongoing adding guided view functionality for the website on mobile platforms and revealing/unlocking  a few of the other tangental story parts on the website. This includes the flashback/dream sequences in chronological order with the alternate dialogue.

And and and, some time this month (the weather hasn’t been co-operating!) I’ll be shooting a bunch of the remaining footage of the sculpture puppets I made  for We Waited the first mini film related to Metaphysical Neuroma.  So I’ll be sharing some of that  and the creation of the related matte paintings, process etc.

So excited!! Lot’s of fun stuff in the works hope you are excited too!

Gonna go toss some coffee in an IV bag and get back to it-

more soon!