Update and Schedule plan

This Is a repost via my Patreon page found here: https://www.patreon.com/attila

Hi all,

I’ve come up with a work schedule as part of a plan to organize my activity on the social webs and wanting to find a way to make my patreon updates more a central part of my daily activity both for patrons and for potential fans of my work.

While the central focus of my long term effort this year is to have the first filmed episode of Metaphysical Neuroma it’s still going to take a lot to get there!

To that end I still got to spend a heap of time soapboxing and sharing to build my audience to a sustainable size to keep everything in motion. But your donations, membership through patreon and patronage is helping so much with offsetting the cost of materials and keeping the wolves at bay!

Now that I’ve taken the time out to do a soft launch on

TILTy Toys I can get back to more of a regularly scheduled program and it will look something like this:

Monday: A mix of Music, Mold making  and Metaphysical Neuroma Sharing process in my soundtracking endeavours and how music plays into my process as well as general talk about the short term long term plans I have for the story and on days when I’m making toys I’ll talk and share tips about mold making.

Tuesday: All about toys! The toys I’m designing and have planned through TILTy Toys the ones I got for sale and the crazy customs I do as well as talking about old ones I love like Battle beasts and Kinnikuman 

Wednesday:  Will be about the webcomics and in general webbing it up!

(what ever that means?)  But you can expect some generalized comic talk to get mixed in here because Wednesday is still new comic day in my head.

Thursday: this will be all about throwbacks and thanks

with an undercurrent of think tanking. So a mix of old stuff you might not know about mixed in with sharing ideas I’m cooking up while I soap box about some of the amazing people in my life!

Friday: A day about film and by extension tv and animation

. From short animation tests to talking about the stuff I’m watching.  As cumulation of the weeks efforts I’m going to aim eventually to have a filmed recap of the week and hopefully you can start to see the whole pattern to the plan coming together!

Saturday: Well I hope to spend that time with the ladies and getting out to conventions and shows etc. I think it only makes sense to make Saturday a day for showcasing and sales ! Yeah I’m just gonna full on embrace capitalisim and survival

and say ¥€$ to your money and give you even more reasons to give it to me!

Sunday:  A return of Sunday Sketches

but more of a generalized sketching platform and a way to force myself to remain in the habit of drawing while I’m working in other mediums and give myself time to do some fan service with sketch give aways!

Ok so there it is I’ll be reposting it elsewhere as a reference guide for folks that will be new to my work and for updates about where to find related links like the Twitch/YouTube channel or related links etc

Hope you are excited too!

More soon!!