Making molds

Hi all,
So the last few days I’ve been juggling work between a larger figure sculpt (to be revealed next week) and doing some mold making for a few of the smaller figures I’ve done over the last month or so.

Thought I’d share a quick few snaps with the promise of a more detailed tutorial share to follow later when I have the time to write the details out.

Lil’Thulhu is the 2nd limited run figure in the DesktopBuddies Series and will be available at my BigCartel shop real soon! you can See Lil’Narwhal here:

More soon!


Did someone say Groundhog Day?

Phatty says “Groundhog-yup that’s what I is–if there are snacks involved!”

Happy GroundHog day peeps!
(winter can’t end soon enough for me this year)
As promised here are a few more snaps of the nearly finished Phatty!


Blog up and running

Today I finished touching up some of the CSS behaviour of this new bare bones-minimized-less bells and whistles-blog. Still took a bit of work and I haven’t tackled fonts yet but I’ll tweaking things as I go.

For those of you that don’t know this–This ‘Blawg’ was create after the realization that the fancy playground website I had painstakingly created over several months last year (currently here: ) simply wasn’t getting the traction I had hoped for. And after a bunch of conversations with friends and fans I realized it’s just not what they wanted from me.  (the best way to improve your relationship with fans is listen  to them!)

The consensus was that the peeps want:

• more of my sculptures/toys
(btw – )

• They want to interact with me from mobile devices and at events.

• They want my shop to be less hidden

(btw – )

Thus the stripped down blog, focus on sculpts, and push to simplify the way I share and or sell what I do.

If you want to help please let folks know by sharing a link to this site and I’m gonna get back to it!

Thanks much!

A central blog to share everything!

IMG_6850Hi everyone!

Found myself coming back to needing a central place to post from and realized that although it had problems the WordPress blog I used to have was actually a key component to sharing all of the work I was doing.

Sooooo Zee Blawg is back!


In the meantime please check out – & for tonnes of fun things to enjoy!


More soon!