Blog up and running

Today I finished touching up some of the CSS behaviour of this new bare bones-minimized-less bells and whistles-blog. Still took a bit of work and I haven’t tackled fonts yet but I’ll tweaking things as I go.

For those of you that don’t know this–This ‘Blawg’ was create after the realization that the fancy playground website I had painstakingly created over several months last year (currently here: ) simply wasn’t getting the traction I had hoped for. And after a bunch of conversations with friends and fans I realized it’s just not what they wanted from me.  (the best way to improve your relationship with fans is listen  to them!)

The consensus was that the peeps want:

• more of my sculptures/toys
(btw – )

• They want to interact with me from mobile devices and at events.

• They want my shop to be less hidden

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Thus the stripped down blog, focus on sculpts, and push to simplify the way I share and or sell what I do.

If you want to help please let folks know by sharing a link to this site and I’m gonna get back to it!

Thanks much!